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Why Choose Us

At DrainTech Plumbing, we solve problems in ways that don’t create new ones. Whether it’s a problem with the main sewage line, a video drain inspection, or you need a pipe repaired, the DrainTech Plumbing team only uses top-of-the-line equipment to solve your drain or pipe plumbing problems. We have a cutting-edge toolkit that we put to use for you. By using the best tools for the job, we can lower the chances of you having to deal with a new or repeat plumbing problem! Check out our plumbing work gallery or our blog. We post recent jobs we have completed across southwestern Ontario.

What All Customers Can Expect From DrainTech Plumbing:

Homeowners in London or Kitchener can expect a consistent, high-quality level of service and access to our wide range of services:

  • 24-hour emergency solutions: When you have an emergency that can’t wait, trust our 24/7 services. No matter what time of day, we are here to serve you with friendly, knowledgeable service and no-obligation quotes.
  • Reliable expertise: You’ll benefit from our combined twenty years of drain repair and related plumbing experience. It comes in handy when we have to fix a problem within a set budget!
  • Comprehensive assistance: DrainTech plumbers will make sure you get the best service experience possible. We’ll provide thorough inspections once a job is complete.
  • Video camera drain inspections: Our video camera drain and sewer inspections eliminate guesswork and help us find faster solutions. Curious about what’s down there? We can show you a live video of your drainpipe and sewer line!

Whether it’s a small sewer drain backup or a trenchless pipe repair, we treat all our customers with the same courtesy and assistance.

Customer Experience Is Our Priority!

At DrainTech Plumbing, we firmly believe that customer satisfaction is a priority on par with solving plumbing problems. We take pride in the quality of our work and the range of services we offer, all backed by top-notch expertise and quality service.

We understand how important each job is to our customers because we know that a home is the most important investment you can make! Improving and protecting your home from damage should be tasks left to professionals with years of experience and who treat it like it’s their own.

We promise you won’t be disappointed choosing DrainTech Plumbing for all your home’s needs. Don’t forget to follow our blog for helpful tips that you can use to identify problems before they happen and protect your home!

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