Video Camera Drain Inspections

Video Camera Drain Inspections

Take A Video Tour Down Your Drain Pipes

We have the capability to visually inspect your drain lines using our newest camera/location equipment. Drain or sewer backups can be caused by many things. As such, we are able to determine where and what the cause is. Our video camera drain/sewer inspections eliminate the guesswork. We can show you on video in person if your line is broken, has roots, or if you have simply flushed too much toilet paper. Book a video camera drain inspection with DrainTech Plumbing now!

We Video Inspect Your Drain Pipes

With our state-of-the-art camera/locate equipment our plumbers are able to visually inspect your drain lines. We are able to determine where and what is causing your drain backups. Our expert team is able to perform these inspections on your drain pipes without damaging or further damaging the drain pipe. Contact DrainTech Plumbing to get started on your pipe and drain inspection in London, Kitchener, or nearby areas in Southwestern Ontario.

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